This is a multiple-choice fill-in-the-blank-question creation service.
You can easily create quizzes and questions.

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Description of this site - This is a convenient site where you can automatically generate multiple choice fill-in-the-blank-questions just by inputting text and pressing a button.

People involved in training and education at companies and schools often have opportunities to create problems for students.
Above all, creating a multiple-choice question can be tedious.
A multiple choice fill-in-the-blank-question is typically created by following the steps below.

1. Prepare a sentence that contains important keywords.
2. Make holes in important keywords in the text.
3. Prepare some incorrect answers (choices) for important keywords (correct answers).
4. Complete the question by randomly arranging correct and incorrect answers.

Most of the multiple-choice question creation systems that were open to the public in the past were not automated in steps 2 and 3, which required a high degree of expertise and took a lot of work.
This system is epoch-making because the above 2-4 processes are fully automated.

If you enter a sentence that contains a technical term or proper noun, a good quality question that cannot be answered correctly if you are not familiar with the area will be generated.
In addition, this system supports a wide range of genres.
You can choose from 2 to 5 choices.

It's easy to use, just enter the text and press the question creation button.
There is no usage fee and it is free.
We are confident that you will be satisfied with the training, creating quizzes in class, and learning your own.
Please give it a try and introduce it to your colleagues and friends.